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Cancer cells can be destroyed by Marijuana

Marijuana also known as Cannabis sativa which is the scientific name has over the years been an illegal drug because of the abuse. Marijuana has been existence for a long period of time as far as 2737BC in china which was used for medicinal purposes then gradually it started becoming popular among the Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia then to Africa  and finally to Europe.

Don't starve yourself because you want to lose belly fat

Belly fat is considered to be the most harmful fat in the body which is located below the abdomen. Majority of the world population today have belly fat and this is dangerous to the as it can cause type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and breast cancer in women. Unwanted fat is usually stored in the middle of our body that is the abdomen, it has to treated very quickly as it possess great danger to the body.
Causes of belly fat
-Stress: Have you thought about the reason why most people in the early age tend to have no belly fat why because they don’t undergo stress like we at the modern age do. In this modern age where the average man rushes out early in the morning to go to work, doesn’t eat breakfast even if he eats, its on the run, undergo brain tasking activities at work then return back late at night and the cycle goes again. As he does this, a lot of unwanted fat accumulate and tends to store at the belly which is dangerous.

Do you know dry gin can treat malaria?

Alcohol today has been regarded as a drink that can cause different damages to the body as a whole from diabetes to cancer to heart disease to mention a few. Although drinking too much can result to serious negative health effects including poor liver. However, the alcohol that is taken to be bad also has some positive health benefits which will be noted in this article. From all alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, liquor, brandy etc. these drinks also have positive health benefits the body can gain from it. Some of the health benefits are:
-Healthy heart: Red wine you know have presence of natural antioxidants in them which help protect the heart and body from heart related diseases, it also has same amount of antioxidants as that of tea that is why red wine is advised to be taken daily

That reading lamp can affect you

Fluorescent lamps nowadays are beginning to replace incandescent lamp because of the energy saving characteristics and the white colour  it displays unlike the incandescent which displays the yellow colour.
However this compact fluorescent lamp do have effects on the human body, the fluorescent lamp contain mercury release ultraviolet radiation which we will talk about

That headphones can you make deaf

Headphones are a pair of listening devices that are worn over the user’s head to the ears. They convert electrical energy to a sound energy. Head phones are designed to enhance the user listening experience of an audio file or video file. It is rampant these days especially among teenagers, music practitioners such as Disc Jockeys, artistes, producers, mixers e.t.c and radio personalities.

Moringa, the powerful supplement for the body

Moringa Oleifera also known as miracle tree is found in Asia and Africa, it has been a medicinal food supplement that has many nutritional values which we will be talking about in this article. It can be easily grown and harvested in bulk, the plant has the ability to treat 499 diseases, it’s a very beneficial medicinal that should be taken daily, let me talk about some few functions it can perform.
-Nutritional Supplement: From Vitamins A, C and E. minerals, amino acids, Moringa is fortified with all these nutrients to make one body healthier, just imagine all in one plant, rather than buying oranges and get majorly vitamin C, carrots for Vitamin A, egg for Protein. Moringa alone has provided all the nutrients one needs for his daily living.

3 easy ways to stay fit for a busy person

Fitness can be described as the ability to perform different activities such as sports, occupation and daily activities without constraints. A fit body is gained through proper nutrition of the body, physical exercise and adequate rest. With these the body will be efficient and effective in daily activities, be able to prevent diseases and also makes the mind to be alert always Due to modern day activities of most people such as the office worker, business man and woman, the body won’t be able to be fit and healthy. For example let’s take Mr. Smith a banker as a case study, Mr. Smith wakes up by 4am on a typical day so as to catch up with Lagos traffic, drives himself to work without eating breakfast, he gets  work begins his daily routine such as meetings, typing,

That shampoo can cause conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis aka pinkeye is an eye infection that makes the white part of the eye go red, watery and irritated. Some might be painful, some might not but there are treatments for eye infection such as conjunctivitis. Scientifically it is the inflammatory of the conjunctiva part of the eye.
The common causes of conjunctivitis are infection, allergy and irritant Irritant: it may be caused by an infection from another infected pinkeye person that is why it is not advisable to look directly into the eye of a person having conjunctivitis without having an eye protection as the infection can transmit into one’s eye Allergy: Conjunctivitis can also be caused by a person allergic to something; it might be a plant or an animal. Once this allergy starts, the conjunctivitis tends to mature in the eye of the person and it takes two-three days for it to mature fully Irritant: Conjunctivitis can also be caused by a chemical irritant to the human eye example are Insecticides, Shampoo, aerosol. Etc…

Do you know Castor oil can treat arthritis?