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3 easy ways to stay fit for a busy person

Fitness can be described as the ability to perform different activities such as sports, occupation and daily activities without constraints. A fit body is gained through proper nutrition of the body, physical exercise and adequate rest. With these the body will be efficient and effective in daily activities, be able to prevent diseases and also makes the mind to be alert always Due to modern day activities of most people such as the office worker, business man and woman, the body won’t be able to be fit and healthy. For example let’s take Mr. Smith a banker as a case study, Mr. Smith wakes up by 4am on a typical day so as to catch up with Lagos traffic, drives himself to work without eating breakfast, he gets  work begins his daily routine such as meetings, typing,

That shampoo can cause conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis aka pinkeye is an eye infection that makes the white part of the eye go red, watery and irritated. Some might be painful, some might not but there are treatments for eye infection such as conjunctivitis. Scientifically it is the inflammatory of the conjunctiva part of the eye.
The common causes of conjunctivitis are infection, allergy and irritant Irritant: it may be caused by an infection from another infected pinkeye person that is why it is not advisable to look directly into the eye of a person having conjunctivitis without having an eye protection as the infection can transmit into one’s eye Allergy: Conjunctivitis can also be caused by a person allergic to something; it might be a plant or an animal. Once this allergy starts, the conjunctivitis tends to mature in the eye of the person and it takes two-three days for it to mature fully Irritant: Conjunctivitis can also be caused by a chemical irritant to the human eye example are Insecticides, Shampoo, aerosol. Etc…

Do you know Castor oil can treat arthritis?