3 easy ways to stay fit for a busy person

Fitness can be described as the ability to perform different activities such as sports, occupation and daily activities without constraints. A fit body is gained through proper nutrition of the body, physical exercise and adequate rest. With these the body will be efficient and effective in daily activities, be able to prevent diseases and also makes the mind to be alert always
Due to modern day activities of most people such as the office worker, business man and woman, the body won’t be able to be fit and healthy. For example let’s take Mr. Smith a banker as a case study, Mr. Smith wakes up by 4am on a typical day so as to catch up with Lagos traffic, drives himself to work without eating breakfast, he gets  work begins his daily routine such as meetings, typing,
calculating and other things they do, closes around 6pm from work, drives himself home only to be held at traffic again, then reaches home at 11pm in which he just eats and goes to bed to wake up again at 4am again and again. Mr. Smith at first doesn’t have adequate sleep; he doesn’t exercise and eats junks which are unhealthy. Things like this leads to stroke which eventually leads to death.

So here are 3 easy tips to stay fit especially for someone busy like Mr. Smith

Enough rest: one should try as much as possible to get enough sleep, a good sleep refreshes the mind and body for new daily activities, and for someone like Mr. Smith he can take a quick nap at work during break time. Research has found that the minimum amount of sleep is 8hours

Quit Junk food and alcohol: junk foods like sausage and gala should be avoided as they all contribute to a n unhealthy lifestyle especially alcohol. Fruits and vegetables are encouraged to be taken at least once a day as they have certain minerals that help the body to fight germs and promotes metabolism.

Exercise often: like Mr. smith who has a busy schedule doesn’t have time to exercise but he could up the habit of exercising before he goes to work ,a quick 20 pushups would do good and also going to the gym on the weekends

With the few points I noted above, I hope you have taken a cue


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