Do you know Castor oil can treat arthritis?

Castor oil is gotten from the seeds of ricines commune plants that are found in most tropics in Africa(Nigeria, Cameroon etc.), Indian , Cameroon has been found long time ago by our forefathers for the numerous benefits in medicinal purposes, it is also used as an ingredient for cooking.

Uses of Castor oil 
For patients purging and vomiting, Castor oil can help in ingestion and can help clean one’s bowel with a few spoons of it, it is also an effective laxative.

For sportsmen: sportsmen such as athletes, footballers who engage in muscle sports tend to get their muscles overworked, Castor oil can help relieve the muscles by applying a few drops on the affected muscle area.

Ringworm treatment: Castor Oil contains some ricinoline fatty acid that has some treatment effects on fungal diseases such as ringworm. They have this special heat when applied to a ringworm infection, cools them and cause them to heal, it works well and has been tested among athletes.

Helps in hair growth: As ladies get older, they tend to have hair loss, hair breakage etc. Castor oil when warm can be applied to the hair which makes the hair grow more and prevent hair loss and hair breakage.

Promotes hair color: if you are really conversant about hair creams, you will notice that a lot of them have castor oil ingredients present in them. The ricines in the castor oil help to make to the hair shine.

Eliminates wrinkles: For younger look and radiant skin, Castor oil can help to eliminate wrinkles with the presence of anti-aging enzymes in it.

Treatment of arthritis: Arthritis which is a serious leg illness can be treated with warm castor oil applied on it, this is possible because of the anti-inflammatory ingredients present in castor oil
With all these uses noted, I hope u gained a lot from the uses of castor oil, it is a very beneficial medicinal plant and it is encouraged to be utilized.


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