That shampoo can cause conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis aka pinkeye is an eye infection that makes the white part of the eye go red, watery and irritated. Some might be painful, some might not but there are treatments for eye infection such as conjunctivitis. Scientifically it is the inflammatory of the conjunctiva part of the eye.

The common causes of conjunctivitis are infection, allergy and irritant
Irritant: it may be caused by an infection from another infected pinkeye person that is why it is not advisable to look directly into the eye of a person having conjunctivitis without having an eye protection as the infection can transmit into one’s eye
Allergy: Conjunctivitis can also be caused by a person allergic to something; it might be a plant or an animal. Once this allergy starts, the conjunctivitis tends to mature in the eye of the person and it takes two-three days for it to mature fully
Irritant: Conjunctivitis can also be caused by a chemical irritant to the human eye example are Insecticides, Shampoo, aerosol. Etc. That is why if you check the body instructions of these chemicals, you will notice that they instructed one not to spray directly into the eye. This is because it can be inflammatory to the eye which could lead to conjunctivitis.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis                                               
First, the eyes become swollen, there is blurred vision as one cannot see clearly (partial blindness), the eyes become watery, the white part of the eye become red or pink
They are not usually treatment for the conjunctivitis because most come naturally and go naturally within two weeks nevertheless they are still some treatment you can do which are
One can wash the eyes with an antiseptic soap thoroughly with clean water but first one has to wash the hand properly
Also, one can drop 2-3 drops of chloramphenicol into the eyes  
For persons using lenses, I would advise you to stay off lenses till the conjunctivitis heals
Most importantly wash hands regularly and don’t rub the infected eyes


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