Do you know dry gin can treat malaria?

Alcohol today has been regarded as a drink that can cause different damages to the body as a whole from diabetes to cancer to heart disease to mention a few. Although drinking too much can result to serious negative health effects including poor liver. However, the alcohol that is taken to be bad also has some positive health benefits which will be noted in this article. From all alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, liquor, brandy etc. these drinks also have positive health benefits the body can gain from it. Some of the health benefits are:

-Healthy heart: Red wine you know have presence of natural antioxidants in them which help protect the heart and body from heart related diseases, it also has same amount of antioxidants as that of tea that is why red wine is advised to be taken daily
-Eliminates bad odor: Alcohol such as vodka, brandy contains ethanol a strong compound that is capable of dissolving any type of mouth odor bacteria, these ethanol compound are very active that is why it is present in mouth wash compounds. The easy step to take is to gargle it and spit it out immediately.

-Promotes brain alertness: The ethanol compound present in alcohol strengthens the neurons in the brain to resist wear and tear which helps to prevent to memory loss and dementia.

-Improves Sex Libido: Research has found that alcohol like vodka, brandy helps to improve sex drive and also prevents pre ejaculation in men that is it helps men to stay longer in bed to satisfy their partner.

-Treatment for Malaria: A recent study has found out that alcohol helps to treat malaria which is actually right. Drinks like dry gin, Schweppes contain an ingredient called quinine; the quinine was used back in the days to treat malaria infections. A moderate amount of the quinine in your body can help treat the malaria.

With all these points noted, I would conclude by saying although alcohol causes different damages but it can be prevented when taken in a moderate amount. Too much of everything kills.


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