Don't starve yourself because you want to lose belly fat

Belly fat is considered to be the most harmful fat in the body which is located below the abdomen. Majority of the world population today have belly fat and this is dangerous to the as it can cause type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and breast cancer in women. Unwanted fat is usually stored in the middle of our body that is the abdomen, it has to treated very quickly as it possess great danger to the body.

Causes of belly fat

-Stress: Have you thought about the reason why most people in the early age tend to have no belly fat why because they don’t undergo stress like we at the modern age do. In this modern age where the average man rushes out early in the morning to go to work, doesn’t eat breakfast even if he eats, its on the run, undergo brain tasking activities at work then return back late at night and the cycle goes again. As he does this, a lot of unwanted fat accumulate and tends to store at the belly which is dangerous.

-Old Age: As one gets older, the metabolic rate decreases that is the rate at which you excrete harmful substances in the body decreases and also in women who have reached the age of menopause take fatty foods into their body, it doesn’t digest totally as some unwanted fat will store at the abdomen.

-Limited exercises: A 2hour or 3hour workout everyday has been recommended by medical practitioners because of the health benefits it does to the body but as the daily activities of man increases day by day , we tend to ignore workout and exercises which also causes unwanted fat in the body

Ways to lose belly fat

-Eat healthy: Just because you are worried that you have belly fat doesn’t mean you should not eat well. One is advised to eat well in short eat every three hours, breakfast lunch and dinner, the only thing you must avoid is that you should not eat carbohydrate after 6pm in the evening as it takes time for glucose in the carbohydrate to be broken down, also take a lot of seafood because it contains supplements that help burn calories and avoid processed foods.

-Exercise regularly: A minimum of three hour exercise is enough if you are a busy person and the type of exercise one should do is the one related to burn belly fat( you can ask your fitness trainer about that) but the common one is carrying big caterpillar tires which are effective.

With all I have wrote, I hope you have been to deduce one or two thing regarding burning belly fat.


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