That headphones can you make deaf

Headphones are a pair of listening devices that are worn over the user’s head to the ears. They convert electrical energy to a sound energy. Head phones are designed to enhance the user listening experience of an audio file or video file. It is rampant these days especially among teenagers, music practitioners such as Disc Jockeys, artistes, producers, mixers e.t.c and radio personalities.

However the prolonged  hearing of music at a high volume tend  to be dangerous as abnormal high band wave is at the earlube and this abnormal buildup leads to difficult in hearing , pain in the ear, short period of deafness after swimming  or just having a bath. The headphones sound causes buildup of bacteria which leads to abnormal increase in ear wax.
Once you have started noticing this symptoms one is advised to add few drops of olive oil into the ear twice or thrice daily for a week, if its doesn’t work, one is then advised to see as ear physician.
Certain advices to share with you are
if you must listen to headphones, ensure the sound is not about 75decibels, anything above that is not ideal and  can cause hearing loss.

Always try to clean the ear regularly so as to remove the unwanted bacteria in the ear.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C can help to prevent hearing problems so it is advised to take fruits regularly.

Use quality headphones and avoid fake ones generate unwanted noise in the ear which leads to bacteria in the ear.

With these points I have highlighted , I hope you have gained some advises about keeping the ear safe


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