That reading lamp can affect you

Fluorescent lamps nowadays are beginning to replace incandescent lamp because of the energy saving characteristics and the white colour  it displays unlike the incandescent which displays the yellow colour.

However this compact fluorescent lamp do have effects on the human body, the fluorescent lamp contain mercury release ultraviolet radiation which we will talk about

-Emitting high amount ultraviolet radiation : Research have found that the fluorescent bulb emit high amount of ultraviolet rays which are so strong that it can destroy the cells in a body which could lead to skin cancer especially when it is placed at a near distance.

-Mercury discharge: This fluorescent bulbs are fragile and once they break, they emit mercury 0.04-0.7 although small but it can take weeks before it reaches level where it becomes dangerous. People are advised to be careful when hadling the bulb and if it stops working, you should dispose it as soon as possible.\

Breast Cancer: it is also found that prolonged exposure to the breast cancer especially at the night when the light is put on. One should endeavor to switch off the lights before going to sleep

Other side effects are migraine, tiredness, lack of appetite e.t.c

However am not saying that fluorescent lamps are bad but one is strongly advised to use the incandescent lamp which are safer to the body


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