Cancer cells can be destroyed by Marijuana

Marijuana also known as Cannabis sativa which is the scientific name has over the years been an illegal drug because of the abuse. Marijuana has been existence for a long period of time as far as 2737BC in china which was used for medicinal purposes then gradually it started becoming popular among the Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia then to Africa  and finally to Europe.

 People realized that apart from the medicinal purpose which is for the treatment of nausea, labor pain etc. that it could be used as a recreational drug as it releases a chemical called tetrahydrocannabis(THC)  in which the chemical interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain which releases dopamine( a brain chemical that calms our nerves). This as a result as caused many people especially teenagers to abuse the drug by taking large doses which causes brain blockage and depression.

However, recent research has shown that there are medicinal benefits of marijuana no wonder Washington DC and Colorado states in America has legalized the drug. Some of the positive effects of marijuana will be discussed.

-Promotes lung capacity: A recent study has found out that instead of marijuana to destroy the lungs, it actually increases the lung capacity because of the deep inhalation of the cannabis user.

-Prevents cancer spread: Studies has shown that when cannabis is in the system, it releases cannabidiol which stops the cancer from spreading in a cancer patient, it switches of a gene called id-1 which automatically stops tumor growth.

-Epileptic seizure control: it also shows that the tetrahydrocannabidiol control the seizure by collaborating with the brain cells that causes the rigorous activity of an epileptic patient.

-Good for the old: Research has found out that old people who are prone to illness like arthritis, alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson disease can be advised to take cannabis moderately as the tetrahydrocannabidiol kills the cells that are responsible for these diseases.

With all that said on the positive sides of cannabis, it should also be known that too much of the cannabis can lead to depression which leads to brain blockage and then to mental disorder so therefore one is advised to take it moderately.

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